nuoli_varilla Save time and money
nuoli_varilla Avoid mistakes and troubles
nuoli_varilla Improve the quality of the event
nuoli_varilla Increase participant satisfaction

nuoli_varilla Ensure budget control


All in all: You can concentrate on your core activities, when centralising the event services to Koko Tapahtuma!





Koko Tapahtuma is a consortium of Finland´s leading companies in different sections of event production. Below a summary of the services and respective Koko Tapahtuma companies.


Large scale printing – PixMill group Oy


Pixmill is an innovative producer of high quality large size banners and other printed items. We cover all your branding needs: tailor made jumbo posters, wallpapers, window and car decorations, banderolls and many more solutions in our extensive product offering! Pixmill is one of the leading producer of digital printing services.


More information on Company Website



Technical implementations – RMC Light & Sound Oy


There is no event without technical implementations. In many cases the technical solution is a remarkable part of the entire event. The executions must be both stylish and visually breathtaking – and everything must work as planned. Sound reproduction, lighting and video technology can be realised in many diffrent ways. Therefore it is important to use a professional team to plan and execute the solutions – using equipment, which is optimal for the event.


Since 1980 RMC Light & Sound Ltd has grounded itself as one of the biggest and most reliable and recognized operators in the field of design, pre and on-site production, implementation and rentals on all aspects of event techniques.


More information on Company Website



Catering – Loisto Catering Oy


A top-quality catering is the crown jewel of any event. Planned together with the customer, the entire catering service is in key role to strengthen the event theme and customer´s brand identity. Passionate people devoted to their profession and ambitious selecting of only best raw materials is the way to a unique meal experience!


The events arranged by Loisto vary from only a few persons’ social receptions to several thousands’ of people’s occasions. We have served and prepared meals for over 900 000 content clients during our work history.


More information on Company Website



Tablesetting – Jubilee Oy


A core part of any meal enjoyment is the tablesetting. High quality tableware with sophisticated accessories ensures the festivity and visual appearance of the event. Renting the best fitting set of tableware is an ecological and convenient solution. Delivery of clean and ready-to use tableware allows you to concentrate on your guests and celebration! And, after the event everything will be taken care of again!


We rent the place setting ready for eating and serving for up to 30 000 people, as well as opportunities for small family gatherings.


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Logistics – Niemi® Events


Niemi® Events is here to support you at every stage, whether with exhibition or event construction, delivery coordination and forwarding services or assistance at your stand. As an expert in event services Niemi® provide organizers and exhibitors with all event and exhibition-related logistics services. We offer everything from transportation and storage solutions to staffing and lifting services.


More information on Company Website



Program Services – MagnumLive Oy


Whatever kind of program is needed for your event, we find the right people from our versatile roster. From MCs to key note speakers, pop&rock artists to dance bands, stand-up comedians to magicians – you name it. But not only performing artists, we deliver graphic services, electronic invitation programs, web and media communication as well as video production.


When you need a kick-off for your business, customer event, eye-catching exhibition stand or something entertaining for your own staff, we can take the responsibility of full or partly execution of your event.  Our services cover organizing and managing corporate events from A to Z. Again, all of this with one contact only!


More information on Company Website



Structures and equipment – Ramirent Oy


An easy-to-execute, safe infrastructure is an important part of many events. From the very beginning of an event project, a set of fundamental structures need to be planned. Our experienced staff has a massive record in delivering comprehensive solutions in event structures, equipment, machinery and safety – for small and giant events!


Ramirent provides a broad product portfolio of high quality and reliable rental equipment in 10 countries in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.


More information on Company Website



Tents and auxiliary event premises – Stopteltat Oy


One of the key challenges for event organisers all over the world is space! Let the event be a small family fest, exhibition, corporate activity or a mass festival, we have the optimal solution for the entire arena or the extra space needed. Exclusive, tailor-made tents are flexible to design and fast to build up almost anywhere. A seamless integration to the other event elements ensures a well-functioning end-result!


Stopteltat is a full-service tent provider, the esteemed market leader in Finland with more than 500 supplies annually!


More information on Company Website



Security services – Securitas Events Oy


A private occasion, public event indoors or outdoors with massive crowds or an international conference – a working security arrangement is mandatory. An experienced, trustworth partner is needed from the beginning of the planning process to provide all aspects of the event security.


Securitas Events is specialized in security services with well trained staff for all kind of events. We offer a nationwide platform for event organisers in audience security, guidance and other supporting services.


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